15+ Reasons

15+ Reasons to Call Your Tax Advisor

(For excellent detailed information on these topics and MORE, visit the "Financial Strategies" section of this website!!) 
Tax planning is a year-round job, and MIDWEST Tax is open all year to help.
To avoid tax headaches, give us a call if you:
  • Change jobs
  • Move
  • Marry (or divorce)
  • Have a child
  • Sell stock
  • Become unemployed
  • Begin collecting a pension or social security
  • Buy or sell a home
  • Buy or sell a rental house
  • Start a business (or consider starting one!)
  • Experience a death in the family
  • Donate a large amount to charity
  • Inherit an IRA
  • Send a child to college
  • Have a great tax question for us!


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